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Stronga BL700 Root Crop Trailer: Performance without Compromise

Stronga have expanded the BulkLoada range which now features a trailer specifically developed for the specialist vegetable and root crop sector.

The design and development of this specialist agricultural trailer has been a joint venture between Greve B.V and the Stronga design team, producing a modern transport solution for root crop and vegetable farmers.

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Timing is of the essence

J. Waddup and his son farm 550 acres, producing high quality haylage. They recently replaced their flat trailers, and told us about the factors that influenced their decision and timing.

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Rising steel prices affect farmers globally

Stronga have seen steel price rises from our stockholders of around 50% during April 2010, and our suppliers have indicated further substantial increases in the pipeline. The agricultural machinery industry is dependent on the metal, which is extensively used in the construction of agricultural equipment and machinery.

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