Bulk trailer BL660: Optimum capacity for super efficiency

bulk trailer BL660

Stronga bulk trailer BL660 is the optimum sized bulk lift trailer in the BulkLoada range, leaading to maximum efficiency and productivity.

Stronga BulkLoada trailers have been extremely well proven for a number of years and the new BL660 bulk trailer model is continuing that trend of success. Make a great business decision today.

Optimum size. Ultra efficiency

Compare the BL600 and BL660 bulk trailer models below:

Capacity with grain extensions (m3) 26 30
Technical payload in grain (t) 19.5 22.5

The figures explain how the BL660 model bulk trailer is 16% more efficient than BL600.

bulk trailer BL660 efficiency

What does 16% greater efficiency mean to you?

Stronga efficiency and productivity

16% greater capacity increases performance efficiency by 16%.

Stronga fuel

16% fewer journeys lowers fuel consumption. Capital efficiency and financial savings really add up.

Stronga clock

10 minute time saving, every hour. Making your work more productive.

Heavy-duty, market-leading components

Fitted as standard BPW axle beams guarantee durability. 150x150mm beam gives brute strength to enable a great loading capacity. BPW axles are ultra-reliable for long life bulk trailer performance and a low cost of ownership.

Bulk trailer BL660 model also has heavy-duty suspension fitted as standard to maximise the loading potential. Large capacity BL660 trailers are efficient at heart, leading to increased productivity and financial savings.

bulk trailer BPW axle

Heavy-duty Nokian Country King tyres

Fitted as standard heavy Nokian Country King radial tyres offer extended operating hours and reliable operation. These high quality tyres have high puncture resistance and protect your land. The directional tread offers good self-cleaning ability.

Nokian Country King tyres

Other quality features

  • Heap higher. Like all BulkLoadas, BL660 tips at 51° to create steep heaps. Make efficient use of your work space.
  • Stronga guarantee perfect paint finishes. BL660 will maintain its exceptional appearance.

Bulk trailer BL660 benefits summary:

bulk trailer benefits

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