Who else wants an easy harvest? Discover rapeseed transport with BulkLoada BL800 trailers

Stronga bulk trailer rapeseed transport

Stronga visited a farm to see three BL800 agricultural bulk trailers in action. Workers on the 3500Ha farm transport rapeseed to and from the store – a trip of 90km. BL800 is the ideal trailer for this journey because it can transport 27 tonnes of payload per trip.

Rapeseed harvest bulk trailer video

Outstanding trailer capacity

Stronga BulkLoada BL800 has an amazing high capacity which has the benefits of:

  • Fewer journeys = lower fuel consumption.
  • Fewer tractors + fewer drivers = cost effective.
  • A more efficient, time effective process.

Rapeseed transport bulk trailer

Rapeseed harvest bulk trailer

High performance Nokian tyres

Stronga bulk trailer BL800 comes fitted with outstanding heavy Nokian Country King radial tyres which have a reputation for high performance, operating long hours and offer reliability in demanding conditions. Other benefits include:

  • Manage increased weight of large trailers.
  • Minimise soil compaction.
  • Directional tread = self-cleaning + no mud deposition.

Rapeseed transport bulk trailer

Rapeseed harvest on the farm

On the farm, BL800 agricultural bulk trailer was loaded to its 27t rapeseed capacity. The driver embarked on a 45km journey to the rapeseed store.

Rapeseed harvest bulk trailer

Rapeseed transport bulk trailer

Reduced cycle times. Maximum efficiency.

Rapeseed was deposited in designated zones at the rapeseed store. Stronga agricultural bulk trailers tip at an improved angle so the process completed with optimum efficiency. The turnaround time was rapid.

Rapeseed tipping bulk trailer

Finally, BL800 Stronga trailer re-embarked on the 45km journey back to the farming fields. Workers on the farm were extremely satisfied with the efficient bulk trailer BL800.

Rapeseed harvest bulk trailer

BulkLoada BL800 summary

Agricultural bulk trailer summary

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