Driven by Innovation – Commitment to Efficient Transport Technology

BL750 CAD images to assist in providing efficient transport solutionsInnovation drives everything that Stronga does, the latest addition to the Stronga BulkLoada range is a re-commitment to the customer who requires high value, high performance transport.

The BulkLoada BL750 represents the highest capacity tandem trailer that Stronga have ever produced, with capacities up to 40m³. Available in rear only and two-way (side and rear) tipping, the configuration has been optimised to manage drawbar, axle and suspension loads. This ensures the balance of the trailer is perfect for use both in the field and at speed on the road.

Maximum Payload for Modern Efficient Transport Solutions

The BulkLoada signature tapered monocoque construction and curved body shape are retained, while the BL750 body has been further developed to maximise the internal capacity and strength. The two mid support bands when combined with ribbed underside provide support and transfer weight evenly through the body and chassis. The tapered body shape allows materials that may have been compacted from a long journey a fast, clear exit.

The chassis is reinforced using high strength steels to ensure a long life structure while keeping tare weight down and payloads up.

BulkLoada 750 Two Way Tipping Trailer provides excellent flexibility and efficiencyFaster Unloading in Low Buildings

The rear and side tipping capability provides the ultimate flexibility in bulk crop transportation. Side tipping allows for fast, clean and easy emptying of the trailer in low buildings, where a conventional trailer of this size would be ineffective. Three hydraulically operated side doors allow easy control of material flow, while the operator can easily observe unloading.

When in rear tipping mode this tipping trailer offers a class leading 51° rear tipping angle. The proven performance of the Stronga wide angle hydraulic up and over rear door with double D rubber seal is retained on the this model.

Intelligent Trailer Control Systems

Optional remote control system operated from tractor oil supply or PTO pump allows users to safely operate the trailer from anywhere around the trailer. With safety being paramount the ability to make sure there is no-one is in harms way when unloading is a great advantage. The remote allows operators to monitor the unloading process, giving a much better view than sitting in a cab.

BL750 flexible bulk two way tipping trailer fitted with auger from CanAgroIncreased Flexibility in Bulk Trailer Capacity

Extension sides are quick and easy to fit, providing increased capacity for bulky materials including grass and maize silage. External and internal access ladders mean operators can safely and easily inspect or sample loads. The BL750, as with all Stronga trailers, is available with many options to allow customers to customise the trailer to suit their needs.

For more information on the BL750, the BulkLoada range or any Stronga products please call 0044 1992 51900, email or visit

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