Stronga BulkLoada BL850F – High Performance Root Crop Transport

Modern higher power and higher speed tractors are pushing the boundaries of trailer capacities and in turn users efficiencies.  With this in mind, Stronga in partnership with Greve B.V have been building on the design features of BL700 specialist vegetable trailer to introduce the BL850.

The increase in productivity provided by increased capacities and higher towing speeds also brings in other issues, so high speed axles, suspension and the correct specification becomes more and more important.

Stronga BL850F - Specialist Root Crop and Vegetable Bulk TrailerMaximum capacity – minimum root crop damage

Our specialist root crop trailers, the BL700 and BL850, have been designed from a “crops eye view”, to provide a high capacity trailer that minimises crop damage. The body shape is kept low, seamless and rounded helping to reduce the drop from harvesters and make for smooth unloading.

Hardox is used in high stress areas of the BulkLoada body and chassis, to increase strength and reduce weight.Hardox 450 in my body = Performance floor wearplate

The single piece Hardox wear plate floor provides a very stiff and long-life body structure, and Weldox is extensively used in high stress areas of the chassis, these help to increase the trailers strength whilst helping minimise its un-laden weight.

Fuel efficient technical tyre solutions lead in the field

Increased payloads bring issues of soil compaction, we work hard with our tyre supply partners to find the best solutions for this. Large diameter Michelin Cargo X Bib 710/50 30.5 radial floatation tyres fitted on the agricultural trailer have a low rolling resistance and soft footprint minimising compaction and soil damage.

Stronga's BL850F specialist root crop trailer hard at workAnother advantage of low rolling resistance tyres is the added fuel efficiencies that they bring. The low resistance means that the trailer is easier to pull, leading to improved fuel economy and savings by using a smaller tractor or reducing the fuel consumption of larger machines.

Professional running gear

To keep up with today’s high speed tractors, Stronga bulk trailers come with multi-leaf parabolic high-speed running gear fitted as standard, Air and hydraulic suspension systems are also available to meet customer’s requirements.

To improve manoeuvrability and increase tyre life the BulkLoada BL850F Root Crop trailer is fitted with positive steering on both front and rear axles, improving efficiency.

The high tipping angle of the BL850F provides excellent heaping ability.Heaping innovation in bulk vegetable transport

To help producers maximise their vegetable and root crop storage capacity and improve their cycle times this model has special design features. The pivot point is set to the very rear of the body, and when coupled with the  class leading 56° tipping angle and wide opening rear door provides the trailer with excellent heaping abilities. The professional LED lighting system is fitted in specially designed free moving cages with protective grilles. This reduces the possibility of damaging both the crop and the lighting system during loading and unloading. Optional wireless remote control systems are available allowing the operator to safely control the trailer from outside the cab.

Commitment to a quality solution

The BulkLoada 850's rear door is clear of protrusions for safe and easy loading into hoppers.As part of our commitment to providing the best trailer for the job means that not only do we focus on the big things but also the small things that really make the difference when you are working. The rear door has a high quality double D rubber seal fitted and is self-locking, improving safety and peace of mind. It also opens high and wide for ease of unloading.

For ease of use when loading into hoppers and processing areas the rear door design has been developed to leave the rear of the trailer clear of protrusions.

The large rear chute of the trailer has two handles for easy operation from either side. Its smooth action opening and closing allows for easy regulation of the grain flow when tipping.

Efficient technical solutions for vegetable growers

  • The huge front window and grille provides excellent visibility into the trailer from the tractor, enabling the operator to accurately control the loading process and minimise damage to the crop. Plastic window sheet can also be inserted allowing for use as a grain trailer.
  • The trailer has optional independent PTO powered hydraulic system, large oil tank and filter system and a convenient and robust hand held remote control which means no mixing of oil when using different tractors.

    The LED mounted in the trailers body improves operator visibility.

  • A bright LED light installed inside the trailer to help operator’s visibility, especially in low light situations.
  • The optional hydraulically operated support leg has the power to lift the drawbar even when fully loaded
  • Optional roll sheet can be easily operated from the platform for fast deployment to keep your crop dry.
  • Optional potato fall breakers can also be fitted to further minimise crop damage.
  • A ladder on the outside of the body gives easy and safe operator access.

Develop your root crop and vegetable handling

The BL850, alongside its smaller brother the BL700, are now available to vegetable producers across Europe. Call today to benefit from this crop handling innovation.

For prices or more information on the special design features of the BL850 BulkLoada Root Crop and Vegetable Transport Solution, contact our sales team.

Telephone: +44 (0)1992 519000


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