DumpLoada DL1400 – Even more capacity and productivity in the well-proven dumper series

Stronga heavy material dump trailer

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The proven Stronga DumpLoada DL1400 offers the maximum working efficiency and performance in the dump trailer market today. On this web page, see our optimum specification dump trailer which comes fitted with innovative components like Stronga Electronic Power Steering (EPS).

Superior efficiency and productivity

Stronga guarantee raised power to move mountains of material reliably at an ultra low cost. The huge 27 tonne dump trailer payload, coupled with a high speed modern tractor rivals Articulated Dump Trucks (ADT’s). When it comes to high output dumpers, Stronga is in a class of its own.

Ready. Set. Done

The high speed DumpLoada DL1400 gives the professional operator the power of controlling time to increase efficiency. On and off road, this fast, high capacity dump trailer gets the job done efficiently.

Stronga dumper trailer

Dump trailer

Stronger. Faster. Further

The tireless Stronga DumpLoada DL1400 is tough, versatile and resilient in heavy material transport. The rigid square-body shape and full Hardox 450 wear plate steel body guarantee longevity and high resale value.

Stronga dumper trailer

Dump trailer

Full Hardox 450 body

The Stronga DumpLoada DL1400 comes fitted as standard with a full Hardox 450 wear plate steel body. Hardox 450 wear plates ensure a low overall weight while maximising payload.

Stronga dump trailer

Dump trailer

Power of comfort

Full steel sprung drawbar and modern suspension, coupled with excellent weight distribution ensures super operator comfort, because a comfortable operator is a productive operator. Optional air suspension is available, offering right height control, reduced tare weight and higher payload.

Stronga DumpLoada suspension

Modern high performance tyres

Every new Stronga DumpLoada DL1400 comes fitted as standard with powerful heavy Nokian Country King radial tyres. These modern high performance tyres offer the professional operator high loading capacity even at high speeds. Today’s environment means you’re always looking for a long life tyre, together with reliability.

  Nokian Country King tyres

Stronga dump trailer

Take control the Stronga way

Optional Stronga Electronic Power Steering (EPS) is a remote-controlled electro-hydraulic steering system based on proven technology. Stronga EPS provides precise steering throughout the machine’s life, excellent maneuverability and highly productive, safe operations. Features and benefits of Stronga Electronic Power Steering (EPS):

  • No mechanical connections – reduced weight and maintenance.
  • Steering active in forward, reverse and standstill offers full control.
  • Speed-dependant steering response for optimal steering angle under all conditions.
  • Great stability provided by automatic centring above 55km/h.
  • Fully automatic and reliable steering solution.

DumpLoada DL1200HS EPS steering 2 DumpLoada DL1200HS EPS steering  

Discover more

To discover more about the Stronga DumpLoada DL1400 trailer, click here to watch the machine video on StrongaTV >. Stronga are your trusted transport advisers, contact our friendly team for professional support.

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