Stronga DumpLoada DL600 – Compact and powerful sand transport trailer

Stronga DumpLoada DL600

Stronga took your requests into consideration when designing their DL600 dump trailer which leads the way in efficiency and performance. On this page, discover a video and a range of photos presenting Stronga’s most compact heavy material transport solution in the DumpLoada range.

DumpLoada DL600 sand transport movie

Lighter weight. Greater strength

Whilst the weight of the trailer is lowered, the strength is improved through the use of Hardox 450 wearplate steel – the most durable material in the market. Our experience in the dump trailer production market means that our trailers offer customers optimal reliability. We know that the products our customers handle are tough so are trailers are too.

Stronga dump trailer

Exceptional tipping performance

A vertical multi-stage cylinder with a high power first stage means the trailer will always tip, even when shifting the heaviest of loads. This is a rapid process as the innovative fat-pipe system pumps oil faster. An improved 65° tipping angle gives an increased heaping ability (steeper heaps ensure minimal storage space is required).

Dumper trailer tipping

Embedded LED light design

New LED lights are embedded into the body for protection and can be protected further by the Hardox steel plate that drops down over them while unloading. Everything about the DumpLoada DL600 design is precise to ensure that this a dump trailer that will last a lifetime, and more.

Dump tractor trailer

Cutting-edge design

Knife-edge sides keep material in the dump trailer very effectively, leading to decreased trip frequency. Smooth tipping is guaranteed as the rear flip door opens wide. Other rear door features improve performance such as:

  • Simple ‘pin and cup’ system improves the operation efficiency.
  • Quick and easy removal of the rear door hastens the loading of excavators.

Stronga DumpLoada pin & cup system

Intelligent transport solution

The improved lower DumpLoada DL600 deck makes loading excavators easy. You’ll fall in love with the 10% lower new height which will ultimately offer reduced cycle times. Efficiency is key to Stronga dump trailers and DumpLoada DL600 offers it in abundance.

Stronga dump trailer

Discover more

Stronga dump trailers are industry-leading heavy material transport machines. Click here to discover the heavy-duty DumpLoada DL1400 option which could further extend your heavy material transport potential >. Stronga are your trusted transport advisers, contact our friendly team for professional support.

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