Refining the design of Stronga drying solutions – Re-engineering FlowDrya and Heatex

Stronga FlowDrya & Heatex drying solutions

Watch the FlowDrya woodchip drying video >

Stronga are leading advisers, designers and manufacturers of high performance dryers which match the clients’ range of materials and energy availability. Stronga FlowDrya and Heatex have recently undergone significant upgrades, resulting in designs which deliver enhanced energy efficiency, long life reliability and outstanding drying versatility.

FlowDrya woodchip drying animation

FlowDrya woodchip drying video

Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) compliant

Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI)

Stronga drying solutions are fully compatible for use with UK’s RHI scheme. Following the positive news regarding RHI, we advise that the following clients consider Stronga drying solutions to add value while optimising waste heat utilisation:

  • Anaerobic Digestion (AD) or Combined Heat and Power (CHP) plants with spare residual heat.
  • Gasification CHP plants requiring consistently quality dried bio fuel.
  • Sawmills with wet woodchip for conversion into dry renewable bio fuel.
  • Estates with forestry or timber to be chipped, dried and sold as biomass boiler fuel.
  • Bio fuel suppliers growing their business by supplying dry woodchip to the biomass market.
  • Clients with under-utilised biomass boilers who can use the spare capacity to create dry bio fuel.

Stronga FlowDrya

Refined and re-engineering solutions

Stronga strive for continuous improvement in our quest to supply only reliable, long life and high performance equipment. FlowDrya and Heatex have recently been re-engineered and enhanced to deliver even better drying efficiency and versatility.

Stronga FlowDrya & Heatex

Heatex is now housed within a convenient, modular and portable container. The upgrade means Heatex is now sub-divided into 3 contained chambers – a control room, a fan and deep core cold chamber, and an insulated warm air end chamber.

Stronga FlowDrya drying solutions

Coupling static and portable dryers

Heatex can be modified with drying container ports and/or a FlowDrya port to suit requirements (see inset photo below). With the unique ability to couple a static plant (FlowDrya) with a portable solution (HAF drying containers and HookLoada), users can now enjoy a wide range of benefits such as drying bulk capacities at any one time and simultaneously drying a wide range of materials.

Stronga FlowDrya & Heatex

Stronga Drying Stations are a 3 part system consisting of Heatex, HAF drying containers and HookLoada. Using HookLoada, customers can collect wet materials at the source, bring them back to Heatex to be dried, and then deliver the dry output to the end user.

Find out more about Stronga Drying Stations here >

Stronga FlowDrya & Heatex

Efficient environmentally friendly design

Every Stronga product is designed to comply with our core principle of only building environmentally friendly and sustainable designs. Stronga FlowDrya is a low energy, low temperature dryer designed for optimum energy efficiency.

No belts, chains or sprockets

The universal drying system positively moves wet materials from a flared hopper, along a moving drying bed, and over a flow of temperature-controlled air which is fed from Heatex. The drying system is simple, reliable and hugely effective.

Stronga FlowDrya drying solutions

Endless innovation. Unlimited versatility

Stronga FlowDrya and Heatex can dry a wide range of materials, leading to long-term financial profitability and productivity. Customers right now are drying woodchip, wood shavings, bark, separated and raw digestate, cereals, fruits, compost, poultry manure, SRF, organic fraction waste and much more.

Stronga FlowDrya & Heatex

Market-leading flared hopper capacity

As part of the FlowDrya upgrade, Stronga extended the size of the flared flare to significantly enlarge the wet material holding capacity. Now with a standard capacity of 30m³, the FlowDrya hopper can now hold at least 13m³ more than similar machines in the market. That means you load wet materials into the flared hopper far less frequently.

Stronga FlowDrya

Discover more

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