HookLoada HL180T trailer – Heavy-duty sand transport case study

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The HookLoada HL180T trailer can be seen here exceeding lifting parameters in the transportation of sand for construction. Stronga visited a customer who owner a hook loader trailer to photograph heavy-duty sand transport in action. What followed was astonishing hook lift performance.

HookLoada sand transport video

Stronga HookLoada HL180T was really put to the test in this sand transport application. HookLoada comes fitted with high quality trailer components that come into their own under heavy loads and across varying surfaces. Follow the customer’s story below to understand how Stronga provided the right sand transport solution.

 HookLoada 180T sand transport

Efficient ground-demount ability

Hook lift container mounting and demounting allows the customer to shuttle loaded sand containers with multi-container systems. It is easier and faster to load the container because the container sides are lower to the ground.

HookLoada 180T sand transport

The tractor driver also benefits from good trailer visibility. Stronga ensure that customers maintain maximal trailer control and safety with HookLoada.

HookLoada 180T sand transport

Precise & accurate sand loading

The process shown below demonstrates the real advantages that come with having the ability to demount containers. Ground-demounted containers can be easily, safely and quickly loaded with sand for reliable and efficient operations.

HookLoada 180T sand transport

HookLoada 180T sand transport

Nokian Country King heavy radial tyres

Easy rolling and low resistance tyre abilities are vital components in heavy material transport because the operator requires a smooth and stable process.

HookLoada 180T sand transport

Stronga HookLoada HL180T trailer is fitted with Nokian Country King radial tyres that offer high load capacity across the soggy and sandy terrain. This hook lift container was loaded with 18 tonne sand payload and the tyres were still able to produce optimal performance.

HookLoada 180T sand transport

Did you know? The 18.05T sand payload plus the 2T trailer = a 20.05T weight (+ the container). That is greatly exceeding the stated capacity!

Impressive 52° tipping angle

The Stronga hook lift trailer tips at a class-leading angle (52°) resulting in the high heaping ability. The powerful hook loader trailer cylinders cope excellently with the payload in excess of 20 tonnes.

HookLoada 180T tipping sand

Did you know? The 52° tipping angle offers high heaping ability which ensure space efficiency and waste reduction,

Speed & Efficiency

The high speed trailer performance, coupled with modern fast tractors also helped to deliver increased productivity at lower cost to this Stronga customer. On and off road Stronga hook lift trailer compatibility generates an extensive list of universal hook lift transport applications.

HookLoada 180T sand transport

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