Hook loader trailer: Focus on waste transport (thinkGreena campaign)

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Stronga thinkGreena is an online campaign whereby customers are encouraged to be as environmentally sustainable in their actions as they can. Stronga thinkGreena has a view to raising awareness about environmental problems and suggesting ways in which you can combat them with Stronga.

Stronga thinkGreena helps you and your planet?

  • Fewer landfills = less air pollution + less visual pollution + more space
  • Resources don’t become depleted
  • Recycling uses less energy than manufacturing  virgin material
  • Recycled products can be sold again

Hook loader: The Green Machine

Stronga hook loader trailers are central to Stronga thinkGreena. Stronga recommend our hook loader trailer as the ideal solution for waste transport, storage and processing because it has the flexibility to transport all kinds of waste, at an exceptional level of performance.

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Read on for 3 reasons why the Stronga hook loader trailer is the perfect solution to Stronga thinkGreena.

1. Flexible performance. Endless opportunities

Multiple containerised modules can be fitted to the hook loader trailer for flexible waste transport. Not only can you transport waste to processing stores, you can also fit containers that will store and process it as you go too.

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Click here or on the images above to discover these applications in greater depth (view the gallery too).

2. Delivering waste, but never going to waste

Hook loader trailer is made of durable and reliable features that guarantee longevity. A hard working paint formula is an asset of all Stronga agricultural trailers so expect hook loader to maintain its glowing appearance for a life time. We guarantee our hook loader design will thrive in the harsh waste environment. Discover a range of agricultural trailer features below:

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3. On or off road performance

Where HookLoada holds the significant advantage over truck transport is the ability to travel both on and off road. This flexibility allows you to take your waste wherever you like. Let nothing hold you back.

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