Hook loader trailer: 10 applications in construction transport

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The Stronga hook loader trailer is the most versatile solution for construction operations. Stronga HookLoada is a transport revolution that is designed to improve your efficiency, saving you time and money. Working with Stronga, you can expect vastly improved versatility, performance, cycle times and ergonomics.

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Discover 10 applications for the Stronga hook loader trailer in construction transport that really show the versatility and efficiency of this fantastic hook lift agricultural machine.

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Efficiently shuttle the machinery to and from site with a hook loader trailer and a flatbed container system. The versatile Stronga HookLoada allows easy manipulation of diggers, excavators, handlers and many other machines.

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Transport, use and store construction materials for use on site with the flexible hook loader trailer. Pallets, bricks, blocks, sand bags, construction attachments and many other materials all fit comfortably on the hook loader design.

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Collect and deposit construction-related items in ISO shipping containers. Conveniently placing movable stores closer to your work brings efficiency gains. Construction machinery, site offices, welfare blocks and many other containers can be loaded onto our hook loader trailer system.

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Safely transport and store civil engineering and utilities equipment. Drainage, sewage and gas pipes all safely load, transport and demount on a flatbed container.

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Transport and store a full range of heavy materials in the construction industry. Soil, sand, road planings and many more heavy materials can be transported with the Stronga hook loader trailer.

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Demolition produces great proportions of the recyclable waste. Separate at source for; maximum recycling, reduced landfill taxes and re-use elsewhere. Separate waste into carpet, brick, insulation and many categories.


Most construction projects require access to water. Hook loader trailer and water bowser systems can provide the following for usage on site; water for dust suppression, water for concrete mixing and water for road washing.


Transport and store a fuel bowser on site to have convenient access to fuel for a multiple machine fleet. Having Stronga HookLoada with fuel bowsers on site is more cost and time efficient than driving each machine to a fuel source each time for re-filling. Store fuels such as Diesel, Gasoline, Kerosene, Ethanol and many more.

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The versatility of hook loader trailers stretches to a range of special construction applications such as concrete mixing and plastic shredding. Concrete mixers with engines can be ground demounted for portable batch mixing; meaning so concrete won’t set whilst the driver travels elsewhere with a hook loader trailer. Or use concrete mixers in the familiar way on the hook loader chassis.

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As well as transporting and recycling waste from demolition, you can also carry out on-site waste processing with special machinery such as the shredder shown above. This is one of many waste processors that can be loaded onto a hook loader trailer A-frame to be transported and ground demounted.

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