Stronga Containerised Composting Solutions

In vessel composting containers for aerated static pile systemsIn vessel composting is a vital tool in the management of biodegradable food and green waste playing a vital part in keeping organics out of landfills, so start recycling now or the earth gets it!

Increases in costs for collection, disposal and tax of food waste in landfills, means more and more councils and businesses are looking to composting as a better way of disposing food waste.  In vessel composting helps reduce amounts of waste sent to landfill and also helps organisations meet WET (Waste and Emissions Trading), LAS (Landfill Allowance Scheme) and BMW (Biodegradable Municipal Waste) obligations.

When you are trying to introduce sustainable green collection and disposal solutions, we understand you will have many concerns. Speaking to Stronga will allow you to get a custom solution to fit the requirements of your operation.

Flexible and Scaleable Waste Solutions

Stronga in vessel containerised compostors allow local management of biodegradable waste providing a flexible solution for managing Aerated Static Pile (ASP) composting. The system is designed to meet PAS 100 and DEFRA regulations, control odours, and providing reliable composting in a broad range of climates. The mobile and modular nature of the Stronga in vessel compost units ensures minimal investment in infrastructure and easy expansion to accommodate future growth.

In Vessel Containerisation Concept

Stronga can provide a simple yet precision containerised solution with no moving parts within the container. Choosing containerized composting eliminates corrosion inside buildings and enclosing of the composting keeps odorous process air from escaping to the atmosphere, leaving it concentrated for scrubbing in a biofilter or collection.
The CHEM standard containers allow ease of operation, using hooklift truck or trailer systems to move and unload the containers. Containerisation has lead to significant benefits and savings allowing local, scaleable treatment of food and green waste.

Building on years of experience, Stronga’s in vessel composting units are designed to provide a high quality ASP composting solution.

In Vessel Strength and Performance

Containers are strengthened in high stress areas around the a-frame and on the roof and door hinges. Round torsion bars are added to further strengthen and support of the container.

Stronga perforated metal floor allows air to flow freely, and extraction of leachateAn important part of the compost process is passing air through the material, for static pile composting, the air can be supplied in two ways: a suction system with the air drawn through the pile; or a pressure system with the blower pushing the air into the pile. Stronga’s composting containers can be designed to facilitate either airflow supply method to suit you. The air intake and out take pipes are positioned to maximise efficiency of the airflow in and out of the compost pile. The substantial perforated floor allows air to move through the pile and effective drainage of the piles effluence.

The container lid is operated by double acting cylinders with flow control valves in place to ensure controlled and even opening and closing of the lid, increasing the operating safety. For ease of loading of waste materials into the container, the roof opens up wide to 90º for access for the loader. The roof of the trailer is recessed to maximise the composting containers capacity.

Stronga's positive lid lock system utilises dual acting hydraulics and ratchets to provide a secure composting systemSealed Performance, In vessel

Stronga’s positive lid lock system utilises the dual acting hydraulics and ratchet strap system to create a tight seal around the top of the container. Double locking rear door, ratchet locking system ensures a tight and safe seal.

Roof and rear door both feature high grade double rubber seal, with stops fitted to prevent damage to the rubber seal which can be caused by over compression. Fully welded and quality sealed container to ensure no leakages with leachate extracted through two pipes at the rear of the container.

Telescopic, self locking front support legs provided at the front of the container ensure effluent drains through the rear extract pipes.

The document and information holder on the front of the container ensures accurate tracking in the composting process.

Fully heat insulated and temperature probe ready. The bio-waste needs to heat up to a minimum of 70 deg c to meet PAS100. Roof harness rail fitted for operator safety when measuring temperature.

Stronga composting containers are designed for easy and safe access for operators

Separate access steps to the roof make easier and safer for operator access to the roof temperature probe.

Talk to the in vessel composting experts at Stronga

Contact the Stronga team today to see what a containerised composting system can do for the efficiency of your business on 0044 1992 519000


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