Stronga Hook lift Flatbed Development

Specialist forestry hook lift flatbedAs part of our commitment to providing perfect transport solutions for our customers we have recently constructed a specialist flatbed hook lift unit. It was specified by tree movement specialists Practicality Brown for use moving trees, logs and equipment, quickly, easily and efficiently on one multi-purpose hooklift flatbed unit.

Multi-purpose Hooklift Flatbed – Design Optimises Use

The wide variety of work which Practicality Brown undertakes meant they wanted a flatbed that could be used efficiently. To carry logs and trees there are a series of removable posts along the sides of the flatbed. For extra long loads there is a specially designed tubular ladder rack, where large trees and logs can be rested if they are too long to lie flat.

A flip down rear ramp for easy unloading, loading and also extra length when requiredLoading, unloading and transporting tracked and wheeled vehicles is made easy with the rear flip down ramp. Easily removable posts mean that any machinery and loads wider than the bed can be carried. The flip down door can also be laid down flat onto telescopic supports to extend the length of the bed by 70cm. Rear drop down door tail has greased high quality hinges that give a long life, reliability and peace of mind.

Listening is Underrated

At Stronga we find that listening closely to the clients requirements allows us to deliver value added solutions that customers need while allowing us to develop our products in co-operation with our customers.

Increased bracing and support was required in high stress areasThe high capacity and heavy intended use for this hook lift flatbed meant that increased bracing and support was required in high stress areas. Side bracing at both the front and rear of the flat bed provide extra support for carrying heavy loads, they can also be removed and stored on the side. Extra support is placed around the base of the posts and also along the length of the unit for transporting tracked machinery safely. Numerous lashing points were installed around the flatbed for ease of securing loads, suitable for both chains and ratchet straps.

Specially designed headboard for longer loadsStronga Innovation in Hooklift Equipment

The variety of requirements expected of this hooklift flatbed means it needs to be able to change at a moments notice. With this in mind special storage spaces were put in place to keep removable parts close to hand but safe. Removable posts can be safely and securely stored in the headboard when not required, but are ready to be quickly replaced if the job requires.

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