Modern Stronga truck hook lift system – Cutting-edge control at your finger tip

Stronga TruckLoada

Stronga TruckLoada TL210DTT is truck transport hook lift equipment that improves your transport efficiency. TruckLoada offers customer’s really strong features that are cutting-edge in the truck hook lift market.

Ultimate control at your fingertip

One of the many features of Stronga TruckLoada TL210DTT is the remote handset for out-of-cab control. This enables you to keep an easy and safe visual around the truck when you are tipping, loading or unloading containers.

Truck hook lift trailer

Stronga TruckLoada remote control

Long life and reliable performance

TruckLoada TL210DTT is fitted as standard with a unique telescopic Hardox crane technology which lifts the heaviest loads. In addition to this, the special S-shaped Weldox frame offers ultra-low profile for optimised tipping angle and stability, and master cylinders allow high speed loading and unloading cycles to reduce your cycle times.

Stronga truck lift equipment

Attention to detail

Long life container rollers on the chassis let the hook lift container effortlessly roll back and forth – reducing friction. TruckLoada also comes fitted with a stabiliser at the rear to prevent your truck from tipping, and a reliable hydraulic lock which ensures that security improved. It is the little things Stronga do that make the trailers so brilliant.

Stronga truck hook lift

Hardworking paint formula

Stronga are devoted to ensuring that their trailers are finished to a long life standard – that is why they restore their professional and pristine appearance for far longer than similar machines. Below are the 3 main steps in the Stronga painting process:

  1. Trailers are shot blasted to a Swedish standard SA2.5.
  2. Then they are rubbed down prior to application of a 2 pack epoxy primer paint.
  3. Finally, trailers are applied with a 2 pack epoxy polyurethane finish to complete the outstanding finish.

Mercedes Benz hook lift trailer

Discover more

Stronga truck hook lift trailers are cutting-edge, industry-leading machines. Click here to discover TruckLoada operating on a beautiful snowy landscape >. Stronga are your trusted transport advisers, contact our friendly team for professional support.

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