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Stronga low loader trailer

LowLoada LL800 is the most useful low trailer in the transport market. Having a LL800 instead of truck could positively  change your life. Here are 3 reasons why:

  1. Easily load material of all shapes, weights and sizes onto this versatile trailer.
  2. On or off road. LL800 thrives in diverse environments.
  3. Save money on fuel. Tractors use cheaper fuel than trucks.

LowLoada LL800 video

How low can you go?

LowLoada LL800 has a class-leading low loading height of 920mm – that’s lower than the height of your legs. This offers:

  • Improved stability.
  • Easy loading from the side or up ramps onto the deck.
  • The ability to carry higher machinery.

Low body trailer with telehandler

Low body trailer with telehandler

Only the finer things in life

  • Long-life 40mm thick ‘northern pine’ boarding is used on deck.
  • Multiple lashing rings allow you to secure the load.
  • Full commercial axles = high speed + big stopping power. Long-life multi-leaf sprung suspension is very strong and has low deflection so a comfortable experience is guaranteed.
  • The headboard is easily removed = extra long loads over the front.
  • LED lights, encased in a protective grill are guarded under the ramp.

Low loader trailer wooden decking

High strength northern pine boarding is built to withstand the most demanding loads, offering excellent durability even with the heaviest digger machinery.

Low body trailer

Ramps built for the real world

You will adore the upgraded loading process. Here’s why:

  • You will maintain a healthy visual when loading excavators.
  • A ramp operation valve is conveniently situated at the rear – providing a strong operating visual.
  • Support legs reinforce the rear of the trailer – allowing heavy machinery onto the deck.
  • Perfect alignment between the ramp and beaver tail forms a continuous loading angle.
  • Grip bars on the ramp prevent sliding during loading (track or tyre machines).
  • Wide ramps provide a comfortable margin for loading.

Low loader trailer ramps

Low body trailer with telehandler

Complete the ultimate LowLoada

  • Oak decking (durable, extremely hard).
  • Outriggers (greater flexibility, long-life).

Outriggers are fast with auto-locking in the open and closed positions. Boards slot onto outriggers to give added width.

Low loader trailer outriggers

Low loader trailer

LowLoada LL800 benefits summary


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