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Agricultural trailer case study – Stronga BulkLoada BL660 grass silage transport

bulk grass silage harvest

Stronga BulkLoada BL660 is seen in this case study producing optimum efficiency in bulk grass silage harvest transport. Today, Stronga’s distinctive bulk trailer range continues to offer ultimate performance, together with efficiency and reliability in bulk capacity transport. It is no wonder that BulkLoada BL660 users remain relaxed and productive throughout even the longest working days. […]

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Bigger, Stronga, Tougher: Updated High Capacity Tandem Bulk Trailer from Stronga

The highest capacity tandem axled BulkLoada in the Stronga range, the BL750, just got better. As part of our drive for continuous improvement with innovative, high performance transport solutions we have refined the design of the BL750, reducing weight, increasing strength and improving efficiency for our customers.

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Miedema – Stronga Co-Operation

A new long term partnership between specialist vegetable machinery producer Miedema BV and Stronga has been agreed. The result of this co-operation will see jointly developed modern class leading bulk vegetable trailers produced by Stronga for Miedema for worldwide distribution via the global Miedema dealer network.

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Driven by Innovation – Commitment to Efficient Transport Technology

Innovation drives everything that Stronga does, the latest addition to the Stronga BulkLoada range is a re-commitment to the customer who requires high value, high performance transport.

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Stronga BulkLoada BL850F – High Performance Root Crop Transport

Modern higher power and higher speed tractors are pushing the boundaries of trailer capacities and in turn users efficiencies. With this in mind, Stronga in partnership with Greve B.V have been building on the design features of BL700 specialist vegetable trailer to introduce the BL850.

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Stronga – CanAgro – The Powa Partnership

Stronga have joined forces with German agricultural auger manufacturer CanAgro, making their wide range of augers available alongside Stronga products as well as through our dealer network Europe wide.

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Braking news from Stronga

With the current trend for higher road speeds of tractors in the UK and Ireland, it is imperative that trailers and other trailed equipment is correctly matched for the intended speed and loadings seen in daily use.

Currently, there is an industry-wide problem of “under braked” trailed equipment being used. This can lead to dangerous conditions of premature tractor brake wear or even failure.

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Stronga BL700 Root Crop Trailer: Performance without Compromise

Stronga have expanded the BulkLoada range which now features a trailer specifically developed for the specialist vegetable and root crop sector.

The design and development of this specialist agricultural trailer has been a joint venture between Greve B.V and the Stronga design team, producing a modern transport solution for root crop and vegetable farmers.

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The Stronga guide to purchasing Bulk Tipping Trailers

Every year many customers ask us about the key things they should consider when buying a bulk tipping trailers, so we have produced a simple guide to buying agricultural bulk trailers. The guide is designed to be a practical, quick and simple reference but for more technical advice on agricultural trailer systems ask the friendly […]

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