Original and best bag handler in the market – Big Bag Lifter SBL2400

Stronga Big Bag Lifter

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Stronga worked closely with our loyal customers to develop the first professional Big Bag Lifter for telehandlers, tractor loaders, forklifts and all other wheeled loaders. The outcome was a bag handling attachment that:

  1. Improves customer productivity.
  2. Greatly reduces costs.
  3. Saves time and fuel.
  4. Improves safety.

1. Stronga clock 2. Stronga fuel 3. Stronga productivity 4. Stronga safety

Perfect bag handling solution

The problem was that people were using many unsafe practices with lifting devices not suited to big bag lifting. Customers realised they were risking life, limb and waste with these practices but needed the right solution. Stronga provided the long life and economic solution, working in partnership with our customers. Watch the video:

Tried & trusted in the field

Thousands of Big Bag Lifter SBL2400 units are currently used in the market today. Reliable and thoroughly tested Stronga big bag handling solutions offer a very low cost ownership, estimated at less than £2/week while delivering major cost efficiencies and added safety. Big Bag Lifter SBL2400 offers a great return on investment.

Big Bag Lifter

Wide range of handling applications

Stronga Big Bag Lifter SBL2400 is a multi-purpose, ultra-versatile product that has bag lifting capabilities beyond the agricultural sector.

Big Bag Lifter

Big Bag Lifter

Customers all over the world are now using the Big Bag Lifter SBL2400 to handle bags of grain; silage; seed corn; fertiliser; pellets; briquettes; logs and many more bagged products.

SBL2400 SeedsSBL2400 FertiliserSBL2400 PelletsSBL2400 BriquettesSBL2400 Logs

Extended Composite Arm Technology (E-CAT)

Stronga bag handler arms come with added E-CAT reinforcement. Additional steel at high stress areas within each arm generates stunning strength that is unrivaled in the telehandler big bag handling market.

Big Bag Lifter

Did you know? E-CAT allows handling of 4 x 600kg or 2 x 1000kg bags. That equates to massive efficiencies in bag handling operations. The extra long lifting arm allows comfortable loading of 2 bags on each arm.

Big Bag Lifter

Did you know? Pallet forks are 1200mm (or less) in length. Big Bag Lifter arms measure at over 1600mm long – allowing the customer to load even more bags, every journey, every day.

Smooth & Rounded design

Waste and damage reduction to bags are achieved with the rounded bar design. The special rounded ‘snout’ shape easily slots into the bag to reduce the risk of tearing of big bag handles or damaging bags. The innovative bag handle retainer at the end the arm safely secures the bag to prevent slippage.

Big Bag Lifter

Did you know? Financial losses from spilled produce costs farmers £1,000s annually.

Ultra-low mounting point

The low handler bracket mounting point allows the telehandler operator to maintain great visibility through the rear body window during bag loading. The SBL2400 mounting point allows high stacking ability inside buildings that is unrivaled in the bulk bag handling market.

Big Bag Lifter

Anti-swing device

Stronga Big Bag Lifter comes fitted with an ‘anti-swing bar system’ that enables full bag control. Slightly tilting the bag lifter allows the bags to rest on the rounded anti-swing bar for improved control and reduced tear (even when traveling over rough ground).

Big Bag Lifter

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