BulkLoada BL660 oilseed rape harvest – Reducing cycle times


Stronga visited a customer using his new BulkLoada BL660 on a farm at Oilseed Rape Harvest in the autumnal months. BulkLoada BL660 helped to greatly reduce customer cycle times and costs. We want you to be guilty of the same successes.

The Oilseed Rape Harvest story…

Stronga BulkLoada BL660 can be seen in the images offering this customer ultra high-speed and unlimited harvest performance. The BulkLoada range offers capable bulk material transport, ensuring that transport efficiency is greatly improved.


Did you know - Suspension capacity

Optimal capacity. High speed trailer

The optimal BulkLoada BL660 trailer capacity ensured that a huge 30m³ payload of oilseed rape could be transported every load, every day. Coupled with the high speed trailer ability, this established system produces ground-breaking transport efficiency.


Did you know - Capacity

Road & Field compatibility

Stronga BulkLoada BL660 guarantees reliability with high performance both in the field and on the road. This high speed trailer reduced cycle times at this rapeseed harvest so the customer was able to get the job done considerably faster. Improve efficiency during operations guarantees reduced fuel usage, labor hours and tractor operations.

On and off road

Nokian Country King radial tyres

Stronga BulkLoada BL660 is manufactured with heavy Nokian radial Country King tyres. These hard-working tyres offer natural trailer suspension with easy pulling ability to reduce fuel usage.

Improved crop load visibility

BulkLoada BL660 offers two methods of oilseed rape load visibility:

  • Generous caged  trailer window. Ideal for viewing the produce from your tractor while driving, loading or for general observation.
  • Trailer access platform. Easily access the easy-to-use roll sheet to safely secure valuable crop. The access platform allows oilseed rape sampling accessibility.


Easy flow unloading

The reliable BL660 rear-door design is engineered to protect the valuable oilseed rape shown at this harvest. The door tightly locks into position while on the road. During unloading, the smooth and controlled door release allows oilseed grain to flow from the tapered body.

Fast tipping and lowering of the tapered body ensured that oilseed rape was quickly deposited. Quick cycles allowed the operator to minimise wasted time so he could quickly return to the road.


Story summary…

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