BulkLoada BL750 sugar beet harvest case study – Market-beeting performance

Stronga sugar beet harvest trailer

Stronga BulkLoada BL750 is simply the most efficient high capacity agricultural bulk tandem axle trailer in the market today. We recently visited a customer growing sugar beet and transporting his produce using a BulkLoada BL750 trailer. Discover the video below of BL750 producing market-beeting performance.

BulkLoada sugar beet transport video

Customer satisfaction at sugar beet harvest

Stronga visited a customer during a sugar beet harvest on a glorious autumnal morning. Follow the customer’s sugar beet harvesting journey in professional modern agriculture.

Sugar beet harvest trailer

Improved transport efficiency

Stronga customers benefit from high performance leading to improved transport efficiency. The BulkLoada BL750 model is a reliable and long life agricultural trailer that excels in all agricultural transport operations.

Sugar beet harvest trailer

Why is BL750 the ideal sugar beet trailer?

BulkLoada BL750 has an ideal 32m³ trailer capacity so this customer was able to transport exactly 2 bunker loads from the Holmer harvester. The agricultural trailer capacity offers optimal efficiency for the customer (300mm extension sides fitted).

Sugar beet transport

Reducing costs on a daily basis

The quality steering axle fitted as standard on BL750 is a component that reduced the costs that this customer may otherwise have incurred. The well-proven steering axle guarantees excellent manoeuvrability and increased driver comfort. A feature of this case study was the amazingly smooth driving performance.

Here are just a few ways in which this user benefited in the short and long term.

Reduced costs

Sublime operation visibility

BulkLoada customers benefit from good visibility into the trailer during sugar beet loading and unloading operations. The open trailer design meant that the operator could maintain good visibility on the load at all times.

Sugar beet loading into trailer

High performance long life tyres

Optimal performance from the Nokian Country King radial tyres protects the soil from compaction. They also allow easy pulling ability in boggy conditions that were evident in this case study. The customer felt he could rely on these tyres when conditions were tough.

Sugar beet transport

Precision engineered half pipe body

Stronga go the extra mile in the design and manufacturing process so you can reap the benefits. The half pipe and tapered style body shape saved this customer vital hours in his day by offering:

  • Slick material exit.
  • Self-cleaning ability.

Sugar beet harvest

The BL750 model offers optimal transport efficiency for modern professional contractors and large scale farming operations. It is also available in the 2 way tipping variant for use in the low buildings.

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Learn more about the BulkLoada BL750 sugar beet harvest today by contacting our technical sales team. Stronga are your trusted transport advisers, contact our friendly team for professional support.

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