Case study: Hook loader trailer on a construction site

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This photo gallery shows a Stronga hook loader trailer providing efficient, effective and high quality performance on a large civil engineering site in Germany. We put this gallery together for two reasons:

  • To prove HookLoada is a quality performer in the construction sector.
  • To show that all Stronga customers love their machines.

When coupled with a high power tractor, hook loader trailers offer a flexibility to the efficient transport of heavy materials. HookLoada is the perfect solution for large civil engineering projects like the one below in Germany.

A gigantic site in Germany!

HLC case study 1

As is clear in the photos below, this project covered a huge area of land. For that reason, our hook loader trailer was the perfect solution because it could ground demount containers for loading whilst it shuttled full containers elsewhere.

Check out the site:

Off road ability: Green tick 1

The Stronga hook loader trailer is a multi-functional machine that offers stunning performance, even in the wet and muddy off-road conditions on this site.

HLC case study 2

Low loading height: Green tick 1

Coupled with a low sided container, hook loader trailers are the ideal dumper truck with a low loading height for easy access. The agricultural trailer and container system which involved a 6.5m long, low sided container and HookLoada, offered the customer rapid turnarounds because he was able to load and unload his trailer rapidly.

HLC case study 3

Tyreless performance: Green tick 1

Stronga hook loader performed exceptionally well alongside a standard dump trailer. The Stronga HookLoada is designed for tireless use so it is built to with the highest quality components. This is an agricultural machine that offers guaranteed reliability and simply cannot be overused.

HLC case study 4

High capacity transport: Green tick 1

Great volumes of heavy material were to be transported at high frequencies throughout the day on this gigantic site. HookLoada offered brilliant reliability in these demanding conditions so the customer very satisfied with his system.

HLC case study 5

Quality components: Green tick 1

The tri-axle configuration and large Nokian radial tyres perfectly spread the heavy load to give low ground pressure and balanced performance. These are just two of many quality components that give exceptional performance on the irregular terrain shown above.

HLC case study 6

Day & Night action: Green tick 1

The hook loader trailer was required to work day and night on this project which had to be completed on time. Below is evidence of the non-stop action.

HLC case study 7

Diverse materials & Maneuverability: Green tick 1

As the project reached its latter stages, the hook loader trailer was required to transport diverse materials to more enclosed conditions. The customer knew he had a machine that could adapt. HookLoada was maneuverable in the encased site and delivered new materials such as piping and metal.

 HLC case study 8

Satisfaction: Green tick 1

The Stronga hook loader trailer range is a product of hard work, experience and continuous improvement. At Stronga, we wanted to prove to you how this agricultural trailer offers brilliant performance and great satisfaction. The customer trusted HookLoada and it outperformed his expectations in completing this project within his deadline.

It goes to prove that Stronga HookLoada gets the work done on-time, every-time.

HLC case study 9

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