Hook loader: Construction material transport

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Stronga hook loader trailers provide the most versatile applications in the construction materials sector. The Stronga hook loader trailer has the ability to load, offload and tip a range of containers that aid construction operations. Versatility is what makes this hook loader trailer a brilliant solution for the construction industry.

How does hook loader offer versatility?

Consider the container options below and imagine the other containerised applications which could make a significant improvement to your construction business and your life.





Click here to view a gallery of HookLoada performing a multitude of diverse applications.

Versatility is only one benefit hook loader trailers offer, also consider:

  • Off road and on road ability
  • Rapid shuttling of containers, no waiting time, saving fuel and operator hours
  • Multiple container applications
  • Ground demount ability offer many advantages
  • HookLoada is a long life,  tireless operator with the unique ability to transport materials efficiently

To show the impressive processes that the Stronga HookLoada agricultural trailer carries out in the construction sector, we put together two working procedures which may be feasible for your business.

Procedure #1: Machinery transport

HLC (1) 2

Procedure #2: Heavy material transport

HLC (9)

Case study: Hook loader working in civil engineering

Stronga customers frequently tell us how versatile and efficient the Stronga hook loader trailer is.

Click here to see HookLoada performing one of it’s many applications on a civil engineering project: heavy material transport.

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