STRONGA in technical field day-TC Westmünsterland GmbH

STRONGA trailer at the festival

HookLoada, BulkLoada and DumpLoada on show

On 15th June TC Westmünsterland GmbH held their annual field day .The company is a main dealer for Case IH tractors and Pöttinger green harvest products. The company is based in Ahaus-Wessum and is led by Herr André Schwarte.

Stronga Models on show included the HookLoada HL260DT XL, BL750 BulkLoada and DumpLoada DL1000

see HL 260DTXL Video here

See DL1000 hp Video here

See BL750 Video here

STRONGA trailer at the festival

Sales director Herr Marco Gernemann explained the even though it rained for part of the day visitors looked carefully at the features and benefits of Stronga products and considered all possible uses and advantages.

Customers were impressed with the compact, high capacity design, coupled with great quality and value.

Technik Center Westmünsterland GmbH was launched a year ago and our recent agreement extends Stronga sales and service territory into Western Münsterland. We are delighted to have agreed a deal with Technik Center Westmünsterland, a young and dynamic Stronga sales partners extending the access of Stronga products to new customers.

STRONGA trailer at the festival

Wet weather failed to dampen spirits and the sales team showed a large selection of modern Case tractors operating with Pöttinger grass equipment.

For more information contact Stronga

Germany Tel: +49 (0175) 8578635

UK Tel: 0044 1992 519000

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